I am Sagittarius, My Lover is Leo

When two fire signs unite, watch what ignites! Wow! Wonderful fireworks always result with this paring, a sure “ten.” You both have a keen sense of adventure and a healthy sex drive. Wonderful chemistry is important in a relationship–and you’ve got it! Their sunny disposition matches your optimistic view, making them a joy to be around. They’ll also boost your social life and make many scintillating introductions to people in all walks of life, including the creative arts. In turn, you will bring your Leo many educated types, some of whom may be professors.

But your Leo lover has none of your easy flexibility, something that won’t show up right away, and it might surprise you when it does. Just be prepared to negotiate a little–and persuade. With your high IQ, you shouldn’t have a wit of trouble talking him or her into anything you desire. Leo’s can be bossy, too, but they are putty in your hands when you complement them lavishly. The Lion needs praise like oxygen to survive! Never forget that! You may find you get yourself in trouble now and then by putting your foot in your mouth, something Sagittarius is prone to do because they are so bluntly honest.

Neither of you is pragmatic–the very sound of the word turns you off. You want life as high drama, full of passion, verve, and a touch of luxury. With your Leo lover, your wish is certain to come true. Watch Leo’s tendency to spend too much, however. You aren’t known for being terribly frugal either, yet Leo outdoes you, still. Their exquisite, expensive taste is well known, so be mindful that one of you hopefully will have a big salary. Neither one of you is a saver, thus, you could be in the poorhouse before you know what happened!

Lovemaking will surpass your wildest dreams with the Sun King or Queen under the sheets. Nights of amazing heat and passion are sure to surface, and since Leo is so creative, you won’t suffer from same-old, same-old with them at all! They love costumes, you love different outdoor locations, if you get my drift. Your Leo will admire your athletic body, they will adore your designer sheets and champagne tastes.

In short, this is a match, made in heaven!

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