I am Sagittarius, My Lover is Aries

Fire with fire burns brightly through the night. Sounds like the beginning of a great poem or novel, doesn’t it? It could also be the beginning of a great relationship! Both of you are fire signs, so you share each other’s basic element. Because you both need much of the same things out of life, you know how to satisfy each other, too.

Adventure, risk, and passion are what you’re after. “Why should life be dull?” you ask. Indeed, it needn’t be! You’ll supply the ideas for exciting foreign travel and advanced studies, and your Aries lover will contribute ideas for new business ventures. Both of you overflow with enthusiasm, optimism and joie de vivre. Living a practical life has never appealed to either of you because it just sounds so dull. Lively conversations about your shared philosophies and strong, successful friendships with business and academic types will mark your social life together.

Since you both do everything wholeheartedly, it isn’t surprising that in bed, the heat you generate remains turned on high throughout your relationship. You both get bored easily, so it’s likely one or both of you will be feeling imaginative at bedtime and will add the necessary spice to your lovemaking.

Commitment and the resulting chance of losing some of your individuality and freedom scares you both; you may be slow to tie the knot. Each of you will allow the other the time you need to make up your mind or to work out a way to make this marriage suit your robust personalities.

This is a four-star pairing. Aries is one sign that understands what makes you tick.

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