I am Pisces, My Lover is Virgo

Virgo comes six months away from Pisces in the zodiac. Such a placement means your lover will either complete you or compete with you. So Pisces, it’s all or nothing with your Virgo. Virgos can provide some badly needed structure and a strong sense of organization to Pisces’ sometimes scattered, busy life. Virgos are amazed by Pisces’ creativity and loves to be around it. This match can be described as: Left Brain (Virgo) meets Right Brain (Pisces). Virgos are talented with precision, discriminating taste, and verbal ability. Pisces have vision, intuition, and the ability to read gestures, moods, body language and symbols. Each sign has what the other one lacks, but there could be problems.

Virgos are idealists and perfectionists. Since they see the world with crystal clarity, they notice flaws that everyone else has missed; therefore, Virgos are felt to be highly critical. Pisces see beauty and acceptance in everything, so Virgo’s heavy criticism can be hurtful to gentle Pisces. A self-protective Pisces response could be a silent shrug of the shoulders, which Virgos find maddening. A Virgo’s earthy practicality could sometimes seem too intense and real for Pisces to bear, but a little dose of reality could benefit Pisces in the long run; Virgos get concerned that Pisces are too impressionable.

Virgos’ need to be productive is strong, and they will worry about deadlines and work still to be done. This can put a damper on their sexuality, but Pisces know how to charm and distract dutiful Virgos. Once in the proper mood, Virgos can be ardent lovers — this sign rarely does anything half-heartedly. Luckily, your Virgo’s talent for communication only makes the sex better.

This is either a dream match or a dreadful match — love could last a lifetime or just a few months, and you will know fairly soon which category you fall in! Sensitivity to each other’s needs will help make love stay around.

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