I am Pisces, My Lover is Pisces

This is a joining of souls which defies the limits of space and time. In short, your union with your Pisces can be a spiritual experience. Both of you are creative, imaginative, and spiritual in your approach to the world. You both are highly intuitive and sensitive to the feelings of others, so this too, bodes well for your future together.

The only down side is a worldly one: Neither of you thinks making lots of money is important. With two non-materialists in one household, one of you will hopefully attract a benefactor so you can feed your little ones. Without an anchor of practicality, you both could drift out to sea. Pisces’ ruler is Neptune, ruling mists and gasses; clear reality is just not something either of you enjoys dealing with. It would be best if one of you has some important earth planets elsewhere in your chart to bring some realism to this union. Neither of you likes structure, so you will have a very flowing lifestyle, free from any defined routine. Creative people like you two don’t work by the clock.

The pace of the modern world wears you both out, so take time away to rest and recharge near watery places. Your need for peace and harmony at home is identical, thus, you respect and defend one another’s solitude. Both of you help others through charitable or philanthropic work, so you could enjoy volunteering together. While you like to spend time at home with family, both of you also like to take in a wide range of cultural activities: from art or photography exhibits to concerts and dance performances.

Sexually, you reach beautiful heights of passion you never dreamed were possible. You intuitively know what your partner is feeling, and you touch him or her in all the right places. Sex is spiritual in its intensity — a true joining of souls.

Yes, this is a dream union if one of you can add a practical touch. This is a magical blend of two fish swimming together in the river of life.

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