I am Pisces, My Lover is Leo

Leo is a highly creative sign and so is Pisces, so don’t underestimate how dynamic this match can be. You like Leos’ generosity, strength and moxie, and they adore your gentle sensitivity and vision. Together, these signs can make an amazing contribution to the world, especially in terms of the arts and literature. Leos can inspire the courage that Pisces need to develop within themselves. In return, Pisces give Leos a lesson in subtlety — something the Lion often misses.

Leos, however, need plenty of adoring attention. Pisces are so self-sacrificing that your Leo might take advantage of your Pisces’ good nature. Pisces are a mutable and therefore a flexible sign. But Leos are a fixed sign, and can sometimes seem arrogantly stubborn. Pisces give more than Leos do, yet Leos are loyal and very generous. Your Leo will shower you with gifts and frequent nights on the town, so life will certainly be fun. Leos like to spend money and Pisces don’t really notice material things, so neither is likely to have an urge to save — which is something to watch!

Sexually, Leos want to be adored and Pisces are often happy to comply. Pisces, the more low-key and submissive sign, enjoy a powerful and confident partner, while Leos will love the romantic rituals, which attend to the tiniest erogenous zones, imaginative Pisces can create.

Fire sign Leo and water sign Pisces are not a classic match. The problem is that Leos like to get their own way, something Pisces don’t care about much. What’s wrong? Too often Pisces’ point of view will be disregarded. Not wanting to make a big deal over every issue, Pisces can lose their individuality in this match. Sticking up for their feelings will help Pisces remain equal partners. So be prepared to make a little bit of an effort with your Leo!

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