I am Pisces, My Lover is Gemini

You are a water sign and your Gemini is air. Air and water make bubbles, so this could be a lively pairing, as long as you take care that certain things don’t sabotage your love. This is not a classic astrological pairing.

Gemini need plenty of stimulating conversation and lots of variety. Gemini also like to be out of the house a great deal, whether they’re seeing friends on weekend jaunts, or checking out new exhibits, plays, or cyber cafes in town. When Gemini aren’t out, they are home reading one of their dozens of periodicals and books. As a Pisces, you may become exhausted just thinking about all this frenetic activity. That much interaction with people could frazzle you. If your Gemini can understand why you don’t want to go together to the beach this weekend — because you want to stay home and work on your manuscript, pottery, painting, whatever — then things will be fine.

When confronted with a problem, Gemini like to analyze and intellectualize. Pisces are guided by their feelings, though, and will rely on instinct. Sometimes facts might not tell the whole story, so don’t feel you have to justify your intuition to your Gemini. There is no one right way to answer life’s questions. Anyway, time will prove your hunches are almost always right.

This can be a stimulating match, because a Gemini will bring a world to you that you would never see otherwise. You both are mutable signs, so you bend and sway together when the wind blows and are not likely to be brittle or break.

Sexually, Gemini need to hear loving words prior to and during lovemaking so be as creative and talkative as you like. They will adore you for reading erotic passages from a book to them in bed. You will teach your lover to get in touch with his or her deepest feelings and to start to understand the hidden symbols and codes of the Universe, rather than read only what can be seen on the surface.

This combination has the possibility of being an exciting relationship, full of creativity, ideas and information, new friends, and places to go. It’s worth a try!


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