I am Pisces, My Lover is Capricorn

This is a brilliant blend of Capricorn ambition and Pisces vision. Your Capricorn lover will give you excellent financial and career advice and will be behind you 100% as you rise to new heights of achievement. Capricorns are practical and determined, and you will benefit from your lover’s bottom-line focus. Capricorn’s sense of humor is a joy to be around. Both of you enjoy home and family, and your Capricorn partner will be able to bring in substantial income, becoming the family’s key provider.

The only thing about your lover that you aren’t sure you like is his or her emphasis on the material world. Capricorns need to run with the right crowd and they have to have all the appropriate props in place: wardrobe, house, car, etc. Whether they admit it or not, Capricorns are status conscious. Pisces, on the other hand, don’t have an upwardly mobile bone in their bodies. They feel keeping up with the Joneses is a waste of time. Such things are all too superficial and worldly. Pisces are much more spiritual and soulful than this. This difference between you can lead to some interesting scenarios.

Example: As a couple you get a tax windfall of $2,500. You want to buy a new camera or a special lens to further your creative photography. Or, more likely, you want to lend your friend the cash because her deadbeat ex-husband hasn’t sent her any child support in months and she’s broke. But your Capricorn wants to pay the membership fee for a new country club where he or she can make friends with some influential people. What to do? How can you reconcile these differing values?

Capricorn’s earth element and your water element blend beautifully and make a fertile combination. The sum total of your relationship is gentle support and caring. In bed, things should be great. Capricorns are delightfully slow and thoughtful in their approach. Your Capricorn will love your imaginative style and your deeply spiritual approach to the relationship.

Can a goat and a fish find happiness? Absolutely.

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