I am Pisces, My Lover is Cancer

This is a match made in heaven. Both of you are water signs, so you both feel emotion on a very deep level. You have a delicate touch with one another’s feelings, and would never be insensitive if criticizing the other. Cancer’s need for home and family is comforting and satisfying for Pisces. Your need for creativity and self-expression will inspire your Cancer lover, and you will share a magical blend of romance, sentimentality and enchantment.

Cancer and Pisces will create a private, safe haven together against the bustling world. Since stressful, busy times could bruise you both, you will find comfort together by taking time out near water, which you both love. Vacations with one another to locales where there is a beautiful view of the sea or a lake to paddle in could be the way to block out everyday cares, refresh your relationship, and take time to enjoy one another.

Cancers tend to be wise with money and like to invest, something that doesn’t interest Pisces. They also know how to find bargains better than any of the other signs. Your Cancer could be good for your financial future!

Cancers are usually more moody than Pisces. At times their sulkiness could get you down, especially if you feel you may have slighted them in some way you can’t quite figure out. Keep in mind that Cancers are delayed reactors — they will respond to incidents that took place days or even weeks earlier. This could be the source of your confusion, Pisces. Getting a Cancer to talk when he or she is out of sorts will help dissolve the problem. You will have to gently pry open your Cancer’s shell, though, which is not always easy. Intuitive Pisces feel their lover’s pain as if it’s their own, so Pisces know when to inquire and when to leave Cancer alone. Both signs are excellent listeners, shoulders to cry on, and sounding boards for advice. This strengthens the bond between you two enormously.

Sexually, you both intuitively know what the other one needs and wants at a given moment — you each know what the other is feeling. Because of this intuitive link, Pisces and Cancer raise lovemaking to a truly high art.

You both are water signs, and water cleanses, refreshes, purifies, and stirs the emotions. This match can produce the kind of love great literature is written about.

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