I am Pisces, My Lover is Aries

Your Aries lover likes to take the lead, and this could be fine with you, Pisces. You like your lover’s spunk and can-do attitude. Aries like your vision and sensitivity.

In classic astrological terms, this is not considered an ideal match — Pisces is a water sign, Aries is fire. In the literal sense, water puts out fire. You may find your lover too self-absorbed, reckless or impetuous. Aries are not known for their ability to reflect on life’s deeper meaning or even to think before they act, which could annoy you. You want your Aries to plan more; your Aries wants you to stop worrying. Yet Aries are more reality-driven than you are, and your partner may reveal a great deal of truth to you. The Aries direct way of speaking could hurt your feelings — Aries have little time for diplomacy and empathy, which can make trouble for a sensitive Pisces.

Sexually, Aries are inventive, exciting lovers. But since they regard sex as mainly recreation, while you feel that it is the ultimate expression of true love, you may not be happy. Be aware that, even in love, Aries have such strong pioneer instincts, they can be fickle, or even promiscuous, which will bring the end of your union. New sensations and experiences are important to Aries, so you can bewitch them by using your rich Pisces imagination and talent for play.

If you can get over those obstacles, this match will be a happy one. You will like their fresh ideas and enthusiasm, and they will respect your caring, sympathetic nature.


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