I am Pisces, My Lover is Aquarius

Your Aquarius lover seems aloof, mysterious and inaccessible. This is attractive to you in the beginning but can signal heartbreak as your relationship progresses. Aquarius is a fixed sign, and therefore sometimes stubborn, while you are a mutable sign and therefore flexible. Guess who will have to give more in this relationship?

You will enjoy Aquarius’ sparkling intellect and mastery of technical subjects, but your Aquarius needs a great deal of space to explore the world. Their sharp minds make wild, idiosyncratic leaps — at times on the level of genius. But they can also be argumentative. Your lover could be the charismatic leader of many people, but still not strong on one-to-one relationships. After a while, you may begin to ask yourself if all that glitters is really golden. Is the relationship worthy of all the sacrifices you’re your Aquarius is happy to have you make? Aquarius are objective, rational, and analytical, so they will never fully understand your strongly emotional and romantic nature.

In bed, Aquarius are inventive, innovative, and actually quite thrilling. Sooner or later, though, you may doubt that good sex alone can fuel the relationship. As your lover skips off on another quest, leaving you home alone again, you may just start packing your bags. If you stay together it is because you each have an equally strong need for space, and you, Pisces, have developed a healthy self-esteem from your own accomplishments. Aquarius can add to your life by explaining the mysteries of nature, science, and technology, but they may never be able to comprehend your soul.

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