I am Libra, My Lover is Sagittarius

This pairing has a good chance of success. Libra and Sagittarius share upbeat, optimistic personalities. Libra, you love meeting new people and go far and wide outside of your main social circle to reel in new friends and experiences. You like to party, and your Sagittarius lover likes to travel. You can each convince the other to join in these activities in a wink of an eye!

You’ll have difficulty with your Sagittarius’ directness. At times their compulsion for no-holds-barred honesty will require you wear a suit of ego-armor! Libra rules partnership and looks forward to marriage, so another little turbulent spot may come later, when you feel you’re ready to wed: You’ll sense your sweetheart still isn’t quite sure. Don’t take this personally. Sagittarius have to be absolutely certain they won’t lose their individuality or autonomy. Once they assure themselves that won’t happen, they’ll be hooked. Meanwhile, your sex life should be lively and fun, and stay that way for years! Sagittarius likes making love outdoors under the stars, and that’s just fine with you, as long as the risks aren’t too great.

Hold on to your Sagittarius and surround him or her with love. This one could be the right one for you!

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