I am Libra, My Lover is Libra

This relationship feels like looking in a mirror; you like what you see, but this other person is eerily just like you. You know one another’s weaknesses and strengths, and you have the same instincts and reactions, which are pluses. But neither of you can add to what’s missing. Libra is a subtly strong sign, even a little bossy at times, so you will have to watch this tendency. In this relationship there are all chiefs and no Indians, yet you both are able to get your way using your incredible Libra charm — things will never get unpleasant.

Your union is full of intellect and objectivity, but the missing element is the exploration of deep emotions, which neither of you may have the interest or courage to investigate. Instead, you both will tend to keep safely detached to avoid getting hurt. This is a shame. In bed, you should both try to let down this guard and increase the level of your intimacy and the temperature of your passion.

You both hope marriage will be the natural outcome of dating, so you two could be on the same track. Because you both also vacillate a little, expect a “maybe,” a “let me think about it,” or a “jeez, do you think so?” before the date is set!

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