I am Libra, My Lover is Capricorn

Libras admire Capricorns’ ambition, and wish they had that constant drive to reach the top. Both of you like the social scene, so attending corporate parties and client dinners is something your sweetheart won’t have to bribe you to do — you’ll already be reaching for your Zagat’s guide. Libras value their looks, something your lover appreciates in you. Capricorn will never reproach you for spending time and money on yourself.

The only difficulties? You are far more lighthearted than your Goat, who is all too serious much of the time. Still, your influence could change all that, and your lover will be the better for it. More difficult will be the celibate periods you two endure while Capricorn is working late and wiped out by the time he or she returns home to you. When you do finally get back to each other, though, your chemistry together will run hot and cold. The reason? Your Sun signs are at odds with one another, setting up challenging signals you will have to try and overcome.

Still, give this relationship a try. You both want a warm and loving home and family life, and this is a dream you are likely to see come true. If your Capricorn is the family provider, he or she will not let you down: Capricorns take responsibility very, very seriously — a reassuring thought. Also, Capricorn’s Sun lights up your home house, which you can make sure is cozy and inviting. All in all, if you love your Capricorn, you can make things work. Everything will depend on you.

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