I am Libra, My Lover is Aries

Polar opposites often attract and rightly so! Your sign is all about partnering, and Aries are all about initiative. Together you are destined to have lively and active times. This is a match that was probably made because you enjoyed one another tremendously right from the start. You were having too much fun not to fall in love.

You are attracted by Aries courage, can-do attitude, and their willingness to deal with risk. Aries are strong, full of opinions and bright enthusiasm, but at times they don’t look before they leap. Libras are highly intellectual and analytical, and your presence will be a good influence if your lover listens to you. You like balance and everything in moderation, but your Aries doesn’t know what the word temperance means! This very trait attracts you, as you continually try to figure out what makes your lover tick. Life with an Aries is never boring, and your substantial circle of friends and contacts can help your Aries lover get ahead. Libra is a refined sign, aware of social politics, so you do hope your wild Aries cowpoke will adhere to them most of the time! Usually he or she will, but Aries have a bit of the rebellious prankster in them too, so be forewarned! Your sense of humor will help. The very thing you fear most about your Aries’ lifestyle — risk — also attracts you. You love that lively Aries spunk.

In bed, you’ve got an ardent handful. Your lover will ignite you with his or her intensity and appetite. Aries are passionate, attentive, and lusty, and you’ll revel in your good fortune. They can have a roving eye, however, but only if they get bored. Keep things lively by remaining somewhat unpredictable. Aries of both sexes enjoy the thrill of the chase. Libras like to get married but Aries aren’t sure if they want to be tied to any one person forever and ever. You will have to make your lover think it was his or her idea to make a commitment, because headstrong Aries don’t want to be “told” anything.

In all a very good match, and one that will keep you both on your toes for years!


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