I am Leo, My Lover is Sagittarius

When you first met, you probably knew in the twinkling of an eye that Sagittarius was the one for you. Rarely have you felt such ease, such simpatico with another soul. Sagittarius’ Sun lights up the sector of true love in your horoscope. (Does it get any better than that?) You both are bright and brilliant fire signs: full of enthusiasm, new ideas, creative insights, and a love for experimentation and adventure. Both of you are generous, optimistic and jovial, and your warmth extends not only to one another but also outward to the world. Your spirits are enticing and fun to be around.

Communication with one another is superb and together you and your Sagittarius are likely to get into some deep debates. Sagittarius like to delve into the unfathomable questions in life: “Why are we here?” “Where are we going?” Leos aren’t usually given to considering the puzzles of human existence, but the Archer will stop the Lion in his or her tracks. You will find you like this provocative, brainy stimulation. Traveling far and wide is something else you’ll do with Sagittarius, for he or she isn’t really happy unless the future holds discovery of exciting new places. (Asking Sagittarius to stay home would be like asking Christopher Columbus to be content with a job as a postal clerk.) Leo, you’ll be happy to hop on board to expand your horizons, too.

When night comes, the two of you shine brighter than the stars. Your lovemaking will be tender, soft, and playful at first and then progress into something powerful, wild, ravenous and passionate. You will want to tame your Centaur and tie the knot, but don’t be too reckless or in a hurry. Sagittarius don’t want to be fenced in, so give them lots of room to roam. Your Sagittarius will certainly come back to you like a homing pigeon.

Your only disagreements? They will come when your Sagittarius is too honest, too direct, and could therefore undermine your confidence unwittingly now and then. You thrive on praise, not criticism. Neither of you is very practical, but that can be managed too, if you both make an effort to figure out how your needs are going to be provided for realistically. You and your Sagittarius are sure the money will materialize, and somehow it does. You can be fixed in your opinions, but your Sagittarius is a mutable sign, which means he or she is more adaptable and likely to be the one to find a solution if you hit a standoff. You have lots of pride, but Sagittarius are unencumbered with pride and are freer to objectively assess situations. You’ll soon find your Sagittarius’ easy style suits you, and you’ll love him or her for helping you keep face when you’ve gone too far in making a stand. When Leos paint themselves into a corner, Sagittarius can give them a way out. This may be their single most endearing quality to you, Leo.

Life with your Sagittarius should be glorious and golden. Be understanding of your differences, which, in all probability, are minor. This relationship stands to be so good for both of you — and so much fun — that it will be worth whatever energy you give it.

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