I am Leo, My Lover is Leo

Can two Lions find love? Absolutely — but you have to give each other enough power and respect, which won’t be easy, since Leos see their life on the widest possible screen!

Both of you are gregarious, warm, generous lovers who show affection easily and always want more. You both are quite elegant, with refined and sophisticated taste. You adore making an entrance together, dressed in beautiful clothing, and being seen at fine restaurants, black tie parties and all kinds of cultural events. Since neither of you is practical about money, hopefully one or both of you has a king’s ransom stashed away or makes a big salary to cover your wondrous lifestyle.

With a Lion and Lioness, it will be better for the relationship if the male Leo makes the most money. This is old-fashioned and chauvinistic in some respects. Didn’t your mother tell you that “pride goeth before a fall?” Listen up, Leo men: the Leo man paired with a Leo woman has so much pride in himself, that if she makes more money than he does, he will find the situation unbearable. Perhaps society and subsequent generations will self-correct this rather annoying imbalance between the sexes. Perhaps someday the Leo male won’t care if his woman makes more money than he does. My apologies to my female readers. For now, we must deal with reality. No matter how loudly this Leo professes that he doesn’t care, look and see how he acts. If he hasn’t made love in a month, since you got your big raise, that’s your clue.

You both are resourceful and uncannily creative. Many Leos are paid handsomely for their ideas and designs and to be arbiters of style and taste. This is an area where you can accomplish a great deal together. You will be so supportive of each other’s goals, you’ll happily brainstorm ideas as a twosome. Lucky fields are entertainment, the arts, theatre, visual publishing, advertising, premium luxury goods and services, as well as toys and other child-oriented products, services and programming.

You both have fairly large, healthy egos, and each of you likes to have top billing. You both have a slight dictatorial bent, but since there are two captains and no crew in this coupling, you each will have to downplay this urge! Remember that you two are fixed signs, so neither of you likes to compromise. It’s all or nothing, so bear in mind that this route is obviously going to be a bumpy one. The fact that you both have volatile tempers adds fuel to the fire. But forewarned is forearmed: Avoid trouble later by thinking about these issues now.

Your difficulties can be addressed and fixed if your egos are kept in check. Your loyalty and admiration of each other will be boundless. Leos love to be in love, for they adore the thrill of the chase, the flirtations, the gifts and surprises, as well as little lover’s spats and making up. Even years later, happily married, Leos continue to court their lovers. Now you have found a soul mate who feels exactly the same way; don’t let anything spoil this sensational union.

In bed, you find the perfect mix of tenderness and passion, bringing what might ordinarily be sweet lovemaking to over-the-top ecstasy. Two lions together in one den can be heavenly, so try on your Leo optimism and give this match a try.

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