I am Leo, My Lover is Cancer

Signs side-by-side on the zodiac wheel are often opposites; the second sign makes up for what the first sign lacks. Thus, when you met your Cancer, you instinctively knew this person has traits you wish you had, and knows things about the world you wish you knew. Cancer is, after all, the most caring and sensitive of signs. Cancers read body language easily and always seem to know where people stand emotionally. This is because they are a water sign, and have been given a certain amount of telepathic ability. Cancer will use this ability to soothe you and nurture you exquisitely.

A Crab in love is wonderful to experience — they are tender, warm, and loving in the most genuine way. Cancers will not play mind games or lead you on. As a Leo, you grab life with both hands and enjoy it to the max. Your Cancer loves this in you, even though they can’t quite master your art of living. They enjoy your grand and elegant generosity, your sense of style and purpose, even though they freak out at the money you spend. Crabs are thrifty bargain hunters, something completely alien to you, because they always (gasp!) save money! This could pose a problem later, because money and its allocation is the number one thing couples fight about.

You will admire their deep love of home and family. You don’t think you will ever have the patience to get up and down all night with a fussy baby. But you will crawl around the floor with a little one and enjoy playing pretend. You won’t cook up huge feasts on holidays as Cancers do, but you will surely want to contribute your specialty dish and enjoy the compliments that result. If it’s your idea rather than your responsibility, you can easily see yourself as a part of a family. You are so dramatic that you have to watch taking too much credit for your Cancer’s efforts (bringing up the children, and those aforementioned dinners, for instance). If you only look for the big picture of the happy family, you may not be aware of your tendency to overlook who did what, and this will hurt the feelings of your Cancer lover!

Cancers wish they had your confidence and elan. You don’t worry about things like Cancer does (nobody could), and this is another area of potential conflict. Cancers react after, not during the event. A month after an incident happens, they may discover they didn’t like your attitude (or their own), or the way something was handled. This will come out of left field for you the first couple of times, but you will begin to see the pattern in their behavior. They are moody and they tend to look back into the past a lot. This is all news to you, for you don’t do this, nor did you notice this in your Cancer when you met. Cancers withdraw to quietly go over things again and again in their minds. When you notice this (and years may go by before you do), you must realize Cancer’s restlessness and frustration will increase as long as there is no way for them to let their feelings out. Unless you pry open their shell and get them to talk as soon as you can, Cancer is liable to burst with a sense of deep unhappiness until they can come to terms by themselves with what is troubling them.

At first you may need to give your Cancer a little time alone. Some of the first smoke signals they send up may not be what is really wrong, but what they think you want to hear. You will need to dig deeper. You may not be equipped to handle this as well as a water sign might, because they have a special third eye helping them unravel mysteries. A great deal is going to depend on your attitude. Make sure it is one of cheerful helpfulness, not criticism. Cancer is ruled by the moon and the changing tides, and even they don’t always know what troubles them. You can help them sort things out if you try hard. And if not you, who will?

Cancers trust their lovers above anyone else, which is why you have the ability to hurt them deeply. Realize that because you are a fire sign and Cancer is a water sign, Cancer has the ability to destroy the relationship if he or she feels threatened. Water puts out fire. Cancers are not weak and helpless, although you may think they are. Believe me, they are not.

Another pattern of Cancer you may find troubling is their knack of going into things indirectly, in a sideways motion, like when confronting an issue. If you don’t see this coming, it may seem like a sneaky tactic. This is a sign Cancer has lost his or her confidence; only the brave face things head-on. In this case, cut your lover some slack and be grateful that he or she had the courage to raise the issue at all.

When you are alone with your Cancer, in the darkened bedroom, you will discover the thrilling lover you have found. The chemistry will be like catnip to you, and you will purr under Cancer’s spiritual, loving and endlessly considerate attention. Cancer will spend as much time on you as you could ever fantasize he or she would, and not because Cancer feels obligated or is hoping you’ll reciprocate in kind. No, this is emotion communicated with a free spirit. You will be astonished by Cancer’s spiritual depth. If you baby your lover, your lover will baby you back, taming the roaring Lion into a frisky kitten. Cancers are so used to taking care of the world and everyone in it, that to be taken care of in return is beyond their wildest expectations. Treasure your Cancer, and hold on to them. You aren’t as different as you may think.

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