I am Capricorn, My Lover is Sagittarius

Signs that follow one another in the zodiac can make for a hard match. This is because the second sign makes up for what the first one lacks. So in many ways you and Sagittarius are opposites. The biggest difference between you two is that your lover is ruled by Jupiter and is an optimist. You, on the other hand, are ruled by Saturn and are a realist. Your lover will call you a pessimist and won’t understand why preparing for a rainy day is so vital. But you won’t fathom how he or she could have such a pollyanna view of life.

Physically, Sagittarius likes to exercise. He or she may goad you about your “love handles,” something you will either do something about with your lover’s guidance or will obstinately ignore because they have infuriated and humiliated you. In any circumstance and on any issue, Sagittarius’ bluntness can be hard for a polite and diplomatic Capricorn to accept.

In bed, you may find Sagittarius’ trim, athletic body a turn-on. But after a while, you may ask yourself if you are compatible in any other way. In the end, your Sagittarius is a theorist and you are a doer, so you may get the job of bringing home the bacon. On the other hand, you will welcome your Sagittarius’ humor and deep philosophical points of view. Your lover also enjoys an assortment of educational TV programs that feed his or her hungry mind. You actually like some of this esoteric information, so you could find some common ground.

This match is a 50/50 call. It will be hard at times, but not impossible. The success or failure of this relationship is really up to you!


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