I am Capricorn, My Lover is Capricorn

Can two practical, ambitious Goats find true love? Very possibly! The only problem with this mix is that you’re both so busy so much of the time, you’ll have to be diligent about scheduling time for sex! Well, not immediately, but later on. No matter how hot your passion is for one another, deep inside the Capricorn heart is an even greater need for recognition and career success. You understand this in one another, so there are no conflicts here, and each of you will encourage one another to get ahead, no matter what the sacrifice.

Herein lies the only difficulty in your union: You both are willing to forego fun together in the quest for that promotion. You’re both so serious; you must make time for love and play together! Banish all signs of work from your bedroom and while you’re at it, get the TV out, too (no CNN during lovemaking). After you’re married and have your babies, be sure to continue to date every week. Capricorns can go into overdrive with responsibilities, for work goes directly to their hearts and souls. Once children are present, life can get a bit more complicated; but rest assured, neither of you would ever dream of letting the other one down. Having a partner you can count on means a great deal to you, and you’ll have it with your Capricorn.

In short, this pairing gets a wink and a nod. There is nothing here so tough that black lace or satin sheets can’t fix!

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