I am Capricorn, My Lover is Aquarius

Do opposites attract? Often. Do they stay together? Sometimes, but in this case your differences might be too great. The outcome of this match will depend on what you see and what you get.

Are you appalled or thrilled by your Aquarius mate’s anti-establishment views and penchant for rocking the boat? While this may seem exciting at first, Capricorns are traditionalists at heart. Aquarius have none of your natural caution about ripping apart the status quo. At times your lover’s interests will seem too trendy and flighty, like he or she is always ready to pick up the movement of the moment. Even if your lover isn’t like that, Aquarius are a great deal cooler in temperament than you are. Their view is one of objectivity, not emotion. In time you may long for someone more stable, demonstrative and cuddly — something your lover may never be.

There are other differences. In your heart of hearts, you are class-conscious; you want to live in the right neighborhood, wear the right clothes, and send your kids to the right school. Aquarius aren’t into this at all, for inside they have the most democratic of hearts, and they live a life to match their beliefs.

Both of you are leaders, but in different ways. You gain recognition in large, formal institutions by carefully climbing the ladder of success and dealing deftly with company politics. Your Aquarius finds satisfaction by working within groups — not necessarily corporate — for social good. If they are frustrated at work, Aquarius are likely to do some meaningful volunteer work, perhaps for a non-profit cause. Aquarius belong to the world, so if you were hoping for a little man or woman who would be there for you at the end of the day, think again. You may have to watch them shout from a bullhorn in front of city hall, or meet up with them at a cyber cafe.

Another difference is what constitutes a great night out. Capricorns want to check the Zagat guide and choose a four-star restaurant, Aquarius want to eat vegetarian at a little hole in the wall around the corner. Capricorns want to discuss plays and literature, Aquarius want to talk about school busing or the finer points of Java script. Capricorns adore history and objects from the past, while an Aquarius may reject all that has come before — Aquarius live for the future.

In bed, you are very sensual and so is your Aquarius lover. But he or she is more likely than you to view sex as fun and games. You may or may not be turned on by your partner’s love of adult videos and other modern turn-ons. Spiritually, Aquarius have none of the instincts toward enduring relationships that you do. Their house of love is ruled by Gemini — a thinking sign — so their head rules their heart. You are realistic, but highly ethical too, and any kind of promiscuity will turn you off, even if you are just dating your Aquarius.

Can you work this out? Like anything else, it’s all up to you!

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