I am Aries, My Lover is Sagittarius

Aries, adventure is your middle name. No wonder you and Sagittarius were drawn together! Whether you trek through the jungles of Africa together or decide to share a course of study, things will never get dull between you! This is a perfect match — you both are fire signs, and neither of you is at a loss for ideas! You both are endlessly curious about the world around you.

At last, you have found someone who is as idealistic as you are, and lively, heated debates can spice up your time together. You could take up a cause and work together toward making the world better, or start a business and watch it go global. You do have the potential to create something meaningful here, and you’ll be even more successful if you add a touch of practicality. This is not likely with just you and Sagittarius, but hanging out with earth signs like Virgo, Capricorn, or Taurus will help a lot.

Of the two of you, your Sagittarius is the more flexible one. This is lucky for you, since you like to get your way. It is no big deal for your lover to let you have it. Still, if you get a little too big for your britches, Sagittarius will let you know it, for they are outspoken and direct, and can bring someone down to size in a nanosecond. This may be the reason this union works so well — communication is strong, swift and loving. Grudges are not harbored — the air between you is always clear.

You both adore playing sports, pushing yourselves to strenuous limits, and getting a great workout. Exercise can be a great prelude to sex, and, since exertion never gets you tired, it only makes you hungry for more! Try this out the next time you want to bring your Sagittarius to a whole new level of hot! Both of you adore spontaneity, so you may never make it to your intended place of seduction — you might not be able to wait. Wow! When the two of you finally slow down long enough to exchange kisses, you will find you groove on the same high frequency. Sex will always be liberating and exciting for you and Sagittarius.

But you may have to have a little talk about Sagittarius’ inability to commit. You’ve fallen in love with the ultimate bachelor sign, so don’t assume things will lead naturally to the alter. In time you might get him or her moving in that direction, but not right away, that’s for sure. All things considered, this stance might be OK with you, because you aren’t sure about losing your freedom either.

Romance your Sagittarius. You will adore his or her optimism and excitement. He or she will admire your vigorous “no boundaries” approach — grabbing life with both hands. This lover is for you!

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