I am Aries, My Lover is Gemini

Got your eye on a Twin? You’ve met your match! This winsome lover has charm to spare and is as mesmerizing as a dancing flame. You both need lots of excitement — both of you get bored easily. You both juggle things exceedingly well, and together you’ll be running a mile a minute. This is a match of two great communicators, with lots of activities and friends. You’ll have impassioned debates and cook up grand schemes on a near-daily basis. One thing you will never run out of is new ideas, so put them to good use anywhere and anytime! Your Gemini will be an excellent “town crier” for you, for few signs get the word out as easily and as effectively as Gemini. At times you may feel you have your own proud personal PR agent.

You are the pioneer in the relationship and will want to get your way most of time. Luckily, Gemini is a mutable sign, and will be happy to let you have your way without complaint. Gemini have their own projects to pursue, so their ego rarely gets riled. If it does, there’s no reason to fear. Gemini will let it out and be done with their complaint; they don’t hold grudges. A Gemini’s presence will seem like a breath of fresh air, and bless him or her for it.

In bed, you generate more heat and passion, but since Geminis mirror behavior so well, you’ll soon bring your lover up to your level. Just be sure to slow down a little, Aries. You both are in a hurry, tumbling pell-mell toward the next great thing. When you make love, it might be a good idea to stop and savor your time together.

Since both of you live in the moment, hopefully one of you will also do some serious planning for your future. Neither of you is ultra-practical, or good with detail. You might think about hiring an outside advisor to organize you — but be sure you listen to them and act on the advice he or she gives!

A life that sparkles like a diamond is what you two have in store. Hang on to your honey!

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