I am Aquarius, My Lover is Scorpio

This is not an easy match at all — you are so fundamentally different. Aquarius have lots of friends but use a light touch with all relationships and need plenty of space. Scorpios need privacy and have a few friends with whom they share intense emotional loyalty and devotion. You two come at life from different directions. Aquarius says to Scorpio, “Why do you need to get inside my head so deeply?” You need some detachment, because you feel safer that way. To get too close is to get dependent, or to lose some of your sense of self. Scorpio says to Aquarius, “Why can’t you let down your guard? Why can’t you get in touch with your deepest emotions and allow yourself to be vulnerable with me?” You probably fell in love with Scorpio’s mystery and their incredible emotional depth (even if you can’t begin to match it).

Scorpio lights up your solar house of fame, so your Scorpio lover will be very good for your career; they have shrewd advice for you, since they are highly instinctive. Because they are so smart financially, they can give you solid advice in these matters, too. When you are going into any kind of negotiation, ask your Scorpio for help; here again, they know exactly what to do. If you fell in love with your agent, manager, or other advisor who helped you become successful, he or she might be a Scorpio. Marriage is different, however, for you must both be able to reach the same emotional base.

Sexually, Scorpio will want to experience the kind of passion operas are written about, but you aren’t always sure you can scale those Wagnerian heights. It may seem like so much work that you get bewildered by Scorpio’s expectations. Scorpio could find you too cool and detached, or worse, discover you’re thinking about other things right when he or she wants you to be focused on lovemaking! Scorpios are also quite possessive and sometimes jealous, and you’ve got plenty of friends of both sexes. As long as your Scorpio doesn’t feel threatened, this should be okay with them.

I have seen incompatible signs link up beautifully, as long as both parties are aware of what the other expects and needs. Ask your partner what he or she wants most, and listen closely. This is one relationship you are going to have to work hard at.

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