I am Aquarius, My Lover is Aquarius

Wow! What a combination! Two very unique individuals paired off in love! If you have fallen for another Aquarius, it is because you see so much of yourself in him or her. I feel your natural respect for others winning here, and thus, this match has a strong chance for success.

Both of you have strong opinions and views on life, and both of you can be stubborn at times. But none of this seems to faze either of you. You and your lover want to hear a wide variety of views, and you value each other’s analytical streak. Tolerance comes easily to you both.

You may decide to volunteer together for a worthy cause or political party, for both of you want to do something good for society. Whether it is getting the lead paint out of the local elementary school or campaigning for freedom of speech, neither of you can sit back and watch people (or the planet) suffer and decline. You both also feel strongly about human rights and are likely to be activists in this area as well. This pairing could create the kind of bond that sets the world on fire the way Evita and Juan Peron did.

Sexually, the only problem may be that you both are such good friends that passion could die down too quickly. You will have to keep fanning those fires to keep sex lively. Aquarius never hesitate to buy interesting new toys to liven things up (whereas other signs would be mortified to be seen, even by total strangers, walking into those shops), so use your lively, experimental attitude and you’ll keep your lover enchanted.

In summary, your relationship rates an enthusiastic A+!

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