I am Gemini, My Lover is Taurus

Talk about opposites attracting! Signs that are next to one another on the zodiac wheel are usually very different; each sign makes up for what the other lacks. You, Gemini, are witty and spontaneous — the intellectual quicksilver of the signs. You get bored easily and are at your best when swamped with work and activities. Your natural ability to adapt to quickly changing conditions is legendary. You search for truth in a very objective way, which is why there are so many Gemini in newsrooms. Breadth of knowledge is your calling card, but detail? No, no. That’s left to your copy editor, who’s probably a hard-working Taurus.

The differences between you and Taurus continue from there. You like to go out, but Taurus prefers to stay at home. You’re flexible and open with your feelings; Taurus is often closed and stubborn. Your Taurus lover likes to carefully and slowly do one thing at a time, but attempting such a level of isolated concentration would drive you up a wall. You are always better with variety.

Now, you may feel that your dizzy lifestyle is almost too crazy for your own good, and that you could use an anchor. The question is: Can you endure this match? A Taurus would probably be good for you if you don’t disagree too much. Still, a Taurus could get unnerved living with a live wire like you and in time find it exhausting. From your point of view, Taurus may prove too predictable and cautious for your mercurial taste. His or her strength is stability, which could be your ultimate turn-off. Beware your anchor turning into a ball and chain.

In bed, you and Taurus get on well. Taurus are the ultimate lovers: slow, sensual and sensational. They are careful, caring and considerate. Lovemaking is a worthy activity to Taurus so be thrilled if you are the lucky recipient of their attention! Yet they will want complete fidelity, and you may not be able to commit.

This pairing has a 50/50 chance of working. Success will depend on other elements in your chart, and how much you love one another, of course. If you both think it works, then keep going. The Bull can calm you down and help you smell the roses — if you learn to sit still long enough.


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