I am Gemini, My Lover is Libra

This is a beautiful link of souls, because Libra and Gemini answer one another’s needs as naturally as their hearts beat. Your Libra lover is polished, intellectual, fair, cultured, refined, and such a happy optimistic person, that he or she is a joy to be around. Since both of you are air signs, you are analytical communicators, so lively conversation and debate will be a large part of your relationship. Libra has the same inner restlessness you do — sticking around the house drives you both insane. Your lover likes nothing better than to check out new trendy restaurants, clubs, and cultural activities, and he or she will know practically everyone. You adore travel and need to hop on an airplane every so often to get a new perspective on life, and your Libra is more than happy to hop along with you. After all, Libra is the partnership sign. Each of you will expose the other to stimulating new activities, and both of you will flourish for having met your cerebral match. When you and Libra get mad, you’ll fight — fairly — and then drop the whole thing. Neither of you hold grudges.

Libras are far more marriage-minded than you, so you might have to let him or her know your intentions right up front. If you aren’t ready, ask for time. Libras are happier when married and won’t stray. You might, however, if you get bored. But even Gemini is unlikely to stray when partnered with Libra, for your lover will never cease to surprise you. The home Libra builds is a cozy, loving place, and since Libra entertains flawlessly, your home will fill up with dozens of guests, family members, and friends.

In bed, you and Libra instinctively answer one another’s needs. Libra can bridge many moods, from funny to serious. You are ultra-sensitive and you mirror moods, so you two are easily in sync. You’ll enjoy their elegant style — their appearance is usually so ravishing it’s hard not to reach out and touch! Hang on to this soul mate — this one’s for you!

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