I am Gemini, My Lover is Capricorn

Be forewarned — Capricorns love to work. Perhaps it was Capricorn’s powerful ambition that initially attracted you. Whether you are meeting one who is “up-and-coming” or one who has already achieved a lofty position of authority, make no mistake: Getting ahead always matters to a Capricorn. This kind of single-minded ambition isn’t that alien to you, although you are more likely to take time to socialize. Gemini can get just as much done by meeting and greeting, and keep their ears to the ground as much as they can when stuck behind a desk. Being out and about keeps you in touch and up-to-date, which are important to you. Capricorns like to socialize too, but it’s always with the purpose of getting higher up the ladder. They can be a tad snobbish, for Capricorn has none of Gemini’s strictly democratic style. While you fraternize with those of all levels, Capricorns want to meet and mingle with only the cream of the crop. You are flexible and adaptable, so you may be able to accept this in them, even if you’ll never quite agree.

Because they are such hard and focused workaholics, Capricorns usually amass quite a nest egg, and will invest their hard-won gains well. Gemini? You live life on a day-to-day basis, rarely thinking about pensions and savings, stocks and bonds. But thank heaven Capricorns will! Bless them for that! Without them, you wouldn’t end up with nearly as much cash.

Keep in mind your lover is a conservative traditionalist, while you are more oriented toward the future. These differences can be good, since you both benefit from understanding the other’s fundamental point of view. You might fight like cats and dogs over politics, but making up could be ever so much fun!

In bed, they are sensuous, loving, warm and wonderful. You deal with what you are presented on the surface. Capricorns go deeper and are more in touch with their bodies. This leads them to fall passionately, completely in love (once they look up from their work), bringing on day-long lovemaking sessions. You may have to remind your Capricorn of his or her inherent love of sex, because Capricorns get distracted by daily responsibilities.

A Capricorn will give you a good life, which is financially secure and rich in things to do and places to go. With your Capricorn, you will meet many successful people. Don’t complain to your lover that he or she works too hard — realize this is who Capricorns are and why you love them. Their hard work also contributes to a lifestyle you can enjoy. Although Capricorns are family-oriented, yours may not be a partner who can always be present for you or the kids. Work will prevail. But you, Gemini, are a flexible person. If you love your Capricorn and can deal with the down side, marry him or her. The Goat won’t let you down.

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