I am Gemini, My Lover is Aries

Aries are fireballs of energy and air sign Gemini provide the oxygen to help their flames burn brighter. To say this is a good match is putting things mildly. You were probably attracted to them by their energy and light, their bountiful ebullience and passion. Emerson once said, “Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm.” If this is true, your Aries lover will lead you down the road to great success. You get bored easily and Aries does too, so together you should have an exciting life! Allow your natural curiosity and your lover’s pioneering spirit to lead you places you’ve never been.

Physically, you both groove on the same magnificent vibes. Aries have very strong sex drives, and are passionate, powerful and playful. They want to try new things in bed, and you do too, so together you can have lots of fun. Your Aries likes to lead, and since you are a mutable sign, you won’t mind. Gemini long to hear the words of love and seduction spoken aloud, and your Aries will oblige you with marvelous verbal foreplay. Your Aries knows what you want and instinctively gives it to you.

Aries are adventuresome, busy and courageous. The action-hero of the zodiac, Aries initiate adventures. A Gemini’s job is to communicate to the folks who stayed at home all the exciting things that happened. As the natural journalist of the zodiac, you need to be objective, rational and truth-seeking. The trouble is, neither one of you spends much time with your emotions. Gemini and Aries may literally not sit still long enough to discover what is happening between the two of them on an emotional, intimate level. Strong water planets in your individual charts will definitely make up for this deficit, though. So, don’t worry. You know this liaison works, and works like dynamite! Let ‘er rip Gemini, and love your Aries!

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