I am Gemini, My Lover is Aquarius

This is a pairing made in heaven, perfect in every way. An Aquarius lover is a match for your considerable intellect and has a strong sense of social consciousness as well. Aquarius can become outraged over prejudice, civil rights, or environmental violations, and may often be leaders of groups working to combat these situations. You like the Aquarius’ rebellious streak — they have courage, and do what their heart tells them to, not what society dictates. Aquarius can seem cool, detached, and hard to get close to, but that only adds to their allure in your eyes. Gemini has considerable charisma too, and flirting gives you the unfair advantage. Gemini always gets it right with Aquarius.

Your Aquarius is a sparkler in bed too — wickedly naughty or tenderly nice, depending on your mood. Experimentation is an Aquarius forte, and being a Gemini, you can’t wait to see what he or she will come up with next! This lover will leave you breathless and permanently excited. You never need worry about becoming bored with your partner, because Aquarius is up to the task of keeping you forever sated, both in and out of bed.

Aquarius are quirky, irreverent, and fun, and find your quixotic quicksilver outlook just their cup of tea. You and your Aquarius will groove on a fantastic level that’s out of this world. Let this one take you to the stars!

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