I am Cancer, My Lover is Taurus

Taurus are stable, financially secure, erotic, and loyal, so they represent many of the qualities you admire most in a lover. They share your need for a strong home life, and their even-keeled emotions provide a strong grounding to your stirring inner landscape. Water sign Cancers often feel like they are sailing the high seas emotionally, but a Taurus can bring you to a quiet lake. Both of you share financial savvy. Taurus likes to invest, and you like to find bargains.

In bed, Taurus is a lusty, deeply sensual, and thoroughly considerate lover. Taurus will bring all of his or her senses into play during lovemaking to enhance your mood: touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight. Taurus’ sense of touch is particularly highly developed and can be the single most thrilling part about their lovemaking. They are also likely to be blessed with a memorable, sexy voice. Your Taurus sweetheart will adore your deeply soulful approach to love. You both tend to get jealous, so being faithful will be no big deal.

Hang on to this guy or gal. This relationship will provide emotional contentment and financial security, making this a love affair with long term potential.

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