I am Cancer, My Lover is Scorpio

This is a sexy, solid union if there ever was one! Wow — the two of you generate lots of heat! Cancer’s best match is always a water sign, and with Scorpio you’ve got one.

In the beginning, just give in to temptation — spend the entire day in bed. You won’t be able to get around to anything else! And even though this sexpot of the zodiac looks as if he or she would be the kind to have a roving eye, in truth, Scorpio doesn’t. Scorpios want just what you do — a stable home, kids, privacy, and great sex for the rest of their lives! Fidelity is a hugely important issue with Scorpios — they are possessive — but this only reassures you about their intentions.

You match each other’s emotional intensity and can communicate completely without words. This is particularly helpful in times of stress when Scorpio’s sharp antennae pick up unspoken distress signals just like your antennae do. Scorpios do have their moods, but so do Cancers, so you understand each other. You will have the right instincts about handling their occasional anger toward you. You will know when to ignore it (like when they’re depressed or feeling vulnerable) and when to draw the line and set them straight (like when they’re acting egotistical and irrational). Your Scorpio will want ultimate control but you have considerable charm and ESP on your side, Cancer. So negotiate. They are more fixed in their opinions than Cancers are, so you may have to talk your way through lots of issues with your Scorpio.

But in the end, who cares? This lover adores you, and is one in a million. Grab your Scorpio with two hands and don’t let go.

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