I am Cancer, My Lover is Libra

It is no wonder you fell for a Libra. Libras are charming and completely irresistible. They are so refined, sophisticated (in a hip kind of way), schooled in social graces, educated, polished, and easy on the eyes. What’s not to love? There isn’t a rough edge on them.

The problem is that Libras interact with the world all the time. As a quiet Cancer you are private, reserved and family-oriented. When your Libra suggests you attend a mid-week cocktail party, you may be haunted by thoughts of the unpaid bills on your desk, the dust balls under the bed, or the report you have due on Monday. If you have children, you won’t want to leave them either. (Cancers never like leaving their kids with baby-sitters.) Libras need to play and network, though. Ordering in or eating out nearly every night is Libra’s other favorite thing to do, but you think take-out is expensive and not as good as what you can make. Most importantly, you have an image of what home and regular family life should be, and your vision isn’t complete without aromas drifting out from the kitchen. “Ugh!” they say, “who wants to cook?” Your Libra may protest that if you spent less time in the kitchen you’d have time to do more things with him or her. And so it goes. Libras aren’t good planners for the future, and with their Sun at cross-angles to yours, you are liable to disagree with their preparations anyway. Just try to be tolerant when you watch your Libra pack for vacation!

Not an easy mix, but any match can work if you want it to badly enough. If you love a Libra, give this relationship all you’ve got, and try to deal as best you can with the down sides.

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