I am Cancer, My Lover is Leo

This pairing can work even though it’s not a classical match in astrological terms.

Leos are very different from you. Full of flourish and grand schemes, Leos embrace life passionately, and have a great appetite. Your lover can be egotistical at times. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and, since the entire solar system revolves around the Sun, it’s hard for a Leo not to be self-centered. Leos don’t want to get any flack about the amount of money they spend on clothing; the need to be respected and admired goes down to their very core. It’s been said that Leo is the royal sign so you must know that Leos spend like they are heirs to a kingdom, and never tuck money away for a rainy day. You not only save, you hoard — you two have very different approaches to money. To support Leo’s champagne taste, one of you will have to be a substantial provider — or become more realistic. Try to have them see the wisdom of two designer suits rather than five.

If you are in love with a Leo, you will love his or her masterly approach to sex and the many luxurious little gifts he or she gives to you. Your Leo will always be adoring and generous, and you’ll be so proud to take this Lion or Lioness out in public. Leos are cultured, sophisticated, warm, and dress to kill. Everyone notices Lions when they walk into the room. Not only do they sparkle, they know how to make an entrance with style.

If you love your Leo, realize what the problems will be, and then work out a way to enjoy life with him or her to the max!

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