I am Cancer, My Lover is Gemini

The vortex of energy that your sparkling Gemini lover created around you was no doubt what initially attracted you to them. You’ll love Geminis’ ease in social situations, the many friends and contacts they’ll bring your way, their curiosity, and articulate, lively conversation skills. Gemini are on top of everything new and current. But can you sustain the attraction?

Cancers thrive on togetherness, closeness, and strong emotions. Gemini, on the other hand, are cool, detached and elusive. You are sympathetic and compassionate, while they remain objective and somewhat distant, thriving on intellectual opinions rather than feelings. Geminis’ initial remoteness and mystery may pose an intriguing challenge at first, but soon you will tire of the fact that they are always out of reach. True live wires, all their movements are quick, which could ultimately wear your nerves to a frazzle. A mutable sign, they are more flexible than you — this can be an asset, for they will adjust to your varying moods quite well.

In bed, these whiz kids are verbal and witty, but your mood is often more serious and deep. They might not be able to groove on your emotional level. Gemini experience life on the surface, approaching it with a lighter touch, and are unable (or unwilling) to dig to the depths you regularly explore. Their penchant for analyzing everything — including sex — could seem cold, emotionally superficial, or just too much for you. They need variety and resist commitment, while you are just the opposite; you love routine and stability. The more your lover resists your possessiveness, the more clingy and needy you will become, so be aware of this.

Your lover has an adventurous spirit. Let him or her use it to get you out of your shell. In turn, increase your Gemini’s emotional spectrum by showing him or her how to be at once vulnerable and safe with you. This relationship can work if you are aware of your differences, and are willing to work them out.

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