I am Cancer, My Lover is Cancer

Cancer and Cancer is a true Romeo and Juliet combination — a pairing of two moon-in-June romantics. Can your relationship work without the same disastrous results of those star-crossed lovers? Absolutely!

Cancers need emotional intensity as well as frequent, honest displays of affection, attentiveness and warmth. This is true not only in the early stages of a relationship, but after many years have gone by, too. Cancers who feel short-changed will shrivel up and die like unwatered plants. Your Cancer lover understands your needs exactly, for he or she needs the same thing. You both value home and family above all else and make excellent, caring parents. This is a relationship that doesn’t depend on words for communication; you speak to one another in symbols and gestures, whether they be acts of kindness or a tender gaze.

You are both ruled by the moon, so the downside to the relationship is that you both are moody. When you are going through a hard time, chances are your partner will be, too. But that is a tiny price to pay for such a compatible and sympathetic partner.

You also have to watch out for too great an emphasis on the past. Cancers like to look back and reminisce. As a matter of fact, Cancers tend to complain about the present, and then rewrite history in glowing terms, longing to go back. This can be a problem if both of you indulge. If one of you is divorced with children, you may treat your lover like he or she isn’t as important to you as your kids, which can feel insulting to your sensitive Cancer.

In bed, you both are sweet, tender and caring. Together you have the ability to make the earth really move! Water signs read gesture and expression better than any other sign, so bed is where you can express approval, admiration, joy, celebration, forgiveness, and, best of all, love. You both have a near-psychic ability to read each other’s thoughts and transmit reassurance.

Sprinkle your bed with rose petals and celebrate love with your sentimental Cancer. They could be the best of the best for you!

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