I am Cancer, My Lover is Aries

Sorry, but this tryst is going to be tough. You are the first water sign of the zodiac and therefore the most sensitive. Tenderness, care, warmth, and security are what you crave most; you bruise easily at the slightest criticism. Home and family are your biggest priorities, but, for your Aries lover, the creation of new enterprises gets top billing. Aries is the first of the fire signs, so Aries are noisy, brash, full of life and aggression, and not very tactful. If you argue with an Aries, he or she will do whatever it takes to win. If your feelings (and ego) are destroyed in the process, so be it. You will wind up feeling like you were hit by a heat-seeking missile. Aries can be ruthless and they frequently go overboard. To make matters worse, Cancers can hear insults when none have been spoken or intended.

There are more difficulties. You have delayed reactions, Cancer, while Aries are quick on the draw. You may not be able to parry and block during an argument as quickly as your Aries opponent, tearing down your self-esteem. Aries is nothing if not straightforward, but the Crab walks in a kind of zigzag pattern, prepared to quietly scuttle into and out of any subject. Aries find this deceptive and calculated. Cancers justify it by calling their actions subtle.

You want stability: in marriage, home life and children. But Aries need to keep their adrenaline pumping, and if romance doesn’t stay hot, they are likely to look elsewhere for adventure. Sex is exciting with an Aries lover, especially in the beginning, but for Cancer this will not be enough. You want to be loved deeply for who you are and to forge an intimate bond that can’t be harmed by the outside world. Self-absorbed Aries can’t sit still long enough for this to happen. Soon you will feel that they are all fire but lacking in real warmth. Don’t expect an Aries to nurture you — they have better things to do. This will depress you, for you nurture everyone and expect the same in return.

You may stand a chance but you will need to work really hard on this relationship. If you don’t want to pass up this creature, you might have your custom horoscope done and see if you have other compatible planets in common. We are only studying your Sun sign here, and there may be subtleties that your individual charts can reveal.

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