I am Cancer, My Lover is Aquarius

You and Aquarius are of a different breed. You will have to work extra hard to overcome the basic problems you’ll encounter within this relationship.

Aquarius live life like research scientists, gathering data and making rational conclusions. Cancers, on the other hand, know from experience that their hearts always steer them in the right direction. Cancers know that everyday facts can be deceptive depending on how they are presented, so they’ve come to rely on their gut reactions. As a water sign, Cancers have a more highly developed intuition than Aquarius, and this instinct will work especially well for you.

The Aquarius aloofness will trouble you. It may initially attract you to this mysterious and alluring loner, but in time he or she could break your heart. You are warm, engaging, compassionate and tender. When your Aquarius doesn’t call or respond wholeheartedly, you will compare his or her behavior to your own under the same circumstances. This may not make you feel any better. The trouble is, Aquarius has a blind eye when it comes to passion and has trouble feeling like part of a twosome. Aquarius will love your capacity for deep emotions, but he or she simply doesn’t feel things as deeply. This puts you forever in the role of the giver.

You want family, closeness, and commitment more than anything else in life. Aquarius want freedom, independence, and a chance to explore and understand their own identity. Aquarius resist marriage for this same reason, feeling it will impinge on their needs. In time, you may be able to reassure yours enough to get him or her to commit, but your Aquarius will never give you the warmth you crave. Aquarius find you too moody and easily slighted, whereas you find them somewhat cool and crusty at times.

But Aquarius have the most beautiful eyes and tend to be light in color. Their gaze can convince you to agree to practically anything. In bed, they will dazzle you with their electric lovemaking. Aquarius can send you to another world, but it’s all fun and games, because in all the other areas that matter to them, they’ll know you two don’t click. And so will you.

Cancer is traditional in outlook; Aquarius cares nothing about the past, is only interested in the future, and loves to break rules. They march to a different drummer because their role in the Universe is to question all preconceptions. As a Cancer, you may find this hard to deal with over the years. In time you may ask yourself if you can sacrifice so much of yourself to their personality. You are more flexible than fixed sign Aquarius, so you are the one who will have to make adjustments. Sooner or later you could find yourself worn out.

You may be nodding, seeing the writing on the wall. If you love your Aquarius, possibly you have the moon or other planets in a highly compatible relationship to their Sun. We are only studying the Sun sign here, so have your custom chart drawn up and decide what to do about your relationship later. You need time together before you make any serious decisions.

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