I am Aries, My Lover is Taurus

If you are in love with a Taurus, it means you must have a very strong desire to add stability to your life. The Bull is very different from you, Ram. Your lover is all about safety and steadfastness but hesitates when it comes to taking risks. Mr. or Ms. Reliability doesn’t have your Aries nerves of steel, and this could cause conflicts between you in time. Taurus is also very s-l-o-w to do things. This could be fabulous (like in bed), or terrible (like when deciding which house to buy).

Taurus of both genders think food is the perfect prelude to sex — they are right! Your lover also possesses a melodic, soothing voice, and gives outstanding back rubs. When the lights are out, you will discover you have one of the most sensual, caring, and tender lovers in the world. You may finally slip into a low gear to enjoy this change, Aries. Your style is lightening quick, but this charming champion of the caring caress may get you to change your ways. You can help your lover too, by adding some fun and spontaneity to their lives. Sometimes Taurus is just a tad too serious. But no matter what, this creature’s erotic soul is sure to send you to seventh heaven.

You will find your Taurus man or woman to be highly productive, practical, and a perfect provider. Where could be the difficulty in this match? Well, soon you may want a lover who is not such a stay-at-home, for your love of adventure is strong. Be aware: Taurus is a creature of habit and likes comfort above all. Can you persuade this person to relinquish the remote control for the occasional party, or at least some sports play? If not, too much predictability could lead to boredom for you, Aries.

If you both decide to take the best attributes you each have to share, you could find this coupling shines like gold!

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