I am Aries, My Lover is Pisces

Pisces long for strength in a lover and you can easily provide this, Aries. Pisces is a tender sign, directed outward toward the world in a creative and self-sacrificing way. They don’t want to make the decisions all the time and will gladly hand over the reins to you. Their minds and spirits are often elsewhere, not locked into the mundane task of living. You will be continually astounded at their willingness to help others but horrified at how the world can take advantage of them. When you point this out, your Pisces will nod in agreement but respond by saying that it’s a small price to pay. They deal with a higher good, but this is a hard point for an Aries to understand. Being the first sign of the zodiac, your role is to say “Me first!” But Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and therefore a combination of all the other signs that came before. In a nutshell, Pisces rules universal love.

Some say Pisces are old souls, having been through all the other signs previously, and have a great inner light. What matters to you probably won’t matter to them, for they deal on a spiritual plane that is difficult for you to relate to. Still, they adore your spunk, high spirits and salty view of life and know they can count on an honest answer from you if they ask. Don’t be too critical of your sweetheart, Aries, for he or she may have a key to human nature and a view of suffering that eludes you.

Pisces will not be too demanding or clingy, for they have their own creative path to follow. They will enjoy their time with you, look forward to the parties and dinners you set up, and then be content to drift away into their own sphere again to refresh themselves. Since they are such sponges for other people’s problems, they have to rinse themselves of other’s cares once in a while. They can’t recharge their inner energy when they are out about. One Pisces says, “When I am under stress, I imagine I have crawled under a banana leaf, somewhere near water, where no one can find me.” Pisces hide until they instinctively know they are strong again, ready to shoulder the worries of the world. There is something magical, philosophical, and deep about Pisces, which you can only sense but never really know. If you dip into their limpid pool, you will be fascinated with the world you enter, for it will be a world of Pisces’ making, not the one the rest of the world knows.

You are in for a dazzling experience when you make love to your Pisces. Love is enchanting to Pisces, and they still believe in happily-ever-afters. They hope their lives will be like story-book fairy tales, and, if reality rudely intrudes, they’ll be surprised and taken aback. Even years after marriage, they want to be wined and dined, cherished, and most importantly, deeply loved. Your motives and attentiveness means heaps more to a Pisces than any technique you master in bed. If your feelings are in the right place (and believe me, Pisces will know), the sex will be heavenly. If you are into lovemaking as recreation, look elsewhere, for Pisces will not respond. This sign reads body language exquisitely, and will always know your true intentions. Pisces will at times wonder why you can’t seem to fathom their emotional depth and return their intense affection. Being a fire sign, you don’t have their emotional spectrum, which they will vaguely notice missing in you. Nevertheless you can be the lucky recipient of their undying devotion. Pisces realizes that most will never fully understand them.

Treat your Fish with care. If you hurt them, they will swim away without warning or confrontation, never to return. Their survival instinct is very strong, and once they realize a relationship is wrong for them, they have to rid themselves of it like a toxic poison. But treat them the way you would want a lover to treat you, and they will reveal to you the whisperings of the universe and honor you with their greatest gift: pure, unconditional love.


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