I am Aries, My Lover is Cancer

Your lover has different attributes than you do, but how this relationship shapes up will depend on your attitudes. Cancers put down strong roots and need their families. You, on the other hand, have a perspective focused outward toward the world. You want to take risks, try new enterprises, and test your strength. Your Cancer craves stability and could actually fear your quest to put your individual stamp upon the world. He or she might ask you why you can’t just have a “real job” like other people do, working for someone else. Even if you work for a company, no doubt you harbor plans to become independent someday. You will probably plot your departure with the same relish as a prisoner about make a run for it — through the ducts, over the wall, and into the river toward freedom.

Your Cancer will ask you why you aren’t home more often. You’ll retort that he or she has no idea what it takes to be successful — that it take more time, energy, focus, and strategy than he or she could ever imagine. Cancers have little of your driving ambition, so your lover will readily agree with you but will still wonder why you want such a workaholic life.

You can have a good home life with a Cancer, if you set aside your differences. With a Cancer you can have the cozy home life you never thought was possible with your frenetic schedule. Your Cancer will make a loving and attentive mate and parent, for Cancer finds ultimate fulfillment in family. You may have to visit relatives now and then (yours and theirs), which isn’t so bad — you could stand to strengthen those ties, Aries.

In bed, your different styles will surface dramatically. Your lover wants romance, but you are all about raw passion without finessing or caressing. You aren’t very sentimental, which could be disappointing to your lover — you might have to try harder on this count, Aries. It wouldn’t hurt to try writing a love note or two. Also, when your confidence flags, you might indulge in a dalliance to bolster your morale, something your moon-ruled lover would never allow, so be careful of those impulses and think twice, for it will ruin your relationship.

Cancer is a highly emotional sign, and moody too. Their moods don’t always come and go on a daily basis, though sometimes they might. Cancer can be sunny and mellow for months — even years — and then suddenly hit a funk which lasts for hours, days, weeks, or even months. When your Cancer withdraws, chances are you may not have the patience to pry his or her shell back open. To an Aries, a Cancer can seem to sulk and whine, but you may come off as heartless and preoccupied if you complain. Cancers fear letting go and being abandoned. Aries are afraid of being hemmed-in and losing their freedom. If this relationship is to last, both of you are going to have to be more empathetic.

Of course, there are laid-back Aries, perhaps living on Mars. There could be a non-emotional Cancer, but likely living on the moon. Face it: This relationship is going to require hard work; however, the rewards are worth it — a more romantic and sensitive inner emotional life for you and a more exciting, adventuresome, and vibrant outer life for your Cancer lover. The final resolution? It’s up to you.

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