Vacation Guide for Virgo

As the zodiac’s hardest worker, you have a strong need to feel productive, even on vacation. A so-called laid-back trip won’t interest youãin fact, that would be the LAST thing you would want. You hunger for action and intellectual stimulation, so plan a trip with plenty to do and see. You even like vacations that require new mastery of language, ettiquete, navigation or history.

Consider a journey to India or Peru, Greece, China or Africaãthe more different the city is from your native locale, the more there is to tackle, the better! A faraway, exotic place is ideal for Virgo. Such destinations allow you to immerse yourself in a new and unfamiliar environment and test your skills and ability to adapt. Take a few language classes (or buy a few language instruction tapes) before you go, and read as much as you can about the country’s art, literature and music. You love being prepared.

Your sign has a tendency not to relax in the conventional fashion. While you may not be the type to sleep in and laze on a beach for a week, you do manage to escape your every day worries when you travel. When you go to a foreign country, you are too busy learning the currency, local customs and reading the map to be concerned about what is (or isn’t) happening back home. That’s good, dear Virgo. It •s how you unwind best! Redirect your mental focus!

Ruled by Mercury, messenger of the Gods, you relish travel, but are practical, discriminating and goal-oriented. For example, your goal may be to learn about Italian cathedrals. Or, it might be to add to your collection of silver antiques by visiting dealers or flea markets in London.

You are a skilled researcher, so the more preparation you can do beforehand, the more you will enjoy your trip. You like bargains, and are an ace at finding the best vacation packages, often on the Internet or by speaking with travel agents. When it comes to choosing a hotel, you’ll check your maps to find the one that’s most convenient to where you need to be, or that will offer the best view. No detail is too small for a Virgo.

Vacationing is nearly serious business for you. You have packing down to a science, so you rarely forget anything. You even remember things like a Swiss Army knife in case you need to open a bottle or cut a string in your hotel room, plastic bags to separate dirty laundry and contain any shampoo bottles that might explode in a pressurized cabin, a mini-first aid kit. You even pack a small duffle bag to fill with souvenirs for the return trip. Your amazing attention to detail always pays off laterãyour traveling companions have it made!

As an alternative to a trip to a foreign country, you might also consider a trip to a luxurious health spa. A spa would fit with in with your strong interest in improving your fitness, vitality and appearance. You would enjoy the privacy (Virgo is usually shy), the healthful meals (Virgo are often vegetarians), and all the emphasis on exercise and sports instruction (Virgo likes to learn new ways to stay fit).

If the spa is located in a particularly scenic spot, you might also want to explore the area by foot (Virgo, an earth sign, enjoys hiking or long walks.) If the resort offers a sauna, massage, seaweed wraps, paraffin manicures or special masques for guests, fastidious Virgo of either sex would be happy. You will prove to one and all that it is possible for a Virgo to slow down after all, and while you are at it, to enjoy every moment.

Virgo should consider taking a trip to an exotic place they never thought they would ever see. For Virgo dream vacations, try: India, Peru, Athens, China or Africa. Just learning the currency, local customs and how to get around will keep worry-prone Virgo too busy to think about anything back home. Busy Virgos might love taking a tour because they like getting regular, reliable informative details about the sights they see.

An alternative to international travel for Virgos is a stay at a spa or health resort, which tunes into their strong interest in health and fitness. Even for a trip like this, Virgo will set goals and make a “project” of it, but that’s OK–why not? Virgo love the privacy (Virgo is usually shy and low key), the healthful light meals (Virgo are often vegetarians), the sports and exercise instruction (Virgo likes to learn), and opportunities to explore the area by foot (Virgo, an earth sign, is apt to enjoy hiking or long walks.) If a resort offers sauna, massage, and other exotic pampering as seaweed wraps, paraffin manicures or clay masques for all guests, fastidious Virgo of either gender will be happy! It is a rare Virgo that isn’t well groomed! See? It is possible to get Virgo to slow down, or at least sit still!