Vacation Guide for Taurus

A Taurus loves luxury and beauty, so roughing it on vacation just isn’t your thing. Instead of sleeping bags you want superb accommodations, with a soft bed and lots of goose down pillows to lull you into a peaceful sleep.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you prefer chi-chi urban settings. An earth sign ruled by graceful Venus, you’ll enjoy a lush mountain area like Sun Valley, Idaho, Sedona, Arizona or Aspen, Colorado. Before you go, do your homework, and find a hotel suite or a luxury lodge with a breathtaking view.

Beauty is always a source of inspiration. Another vacation to feed your inner artist could be a fall foliage trip to New England in the USA. States like Vermont or New Hampshire in early October are absolutely stunning at this time of year. Walking in the crisp, cool air is invigorating, and the colors are truly unforgettable.

Have your passport ready? Check out the natural beauty of Sugar Loaf in Brazil or Victoria Falls in Africa‹either would be perfect for a Taurus.

Your sign appreciates life with ALL their senses‹base your vacation around the sensual pleasures the world has to offer. For example, Taurus loves music, so why not travel to the many music festivals the world over? Several come to mind: The Salzburg Music Festival in Austria, outdoor concerts in Tanglewood, Massachusetts or the Jazz Fest in New Orleans.

Let’s not forget the thing so many Taurus are known for: their appetites. Make your love of food the whole point of your trip. Arrange a stay at a chateau/hotel in the South of France, where you can combine your love of nature with your love of great food and wine. A snowy wonderland would suit your romantic side. Let me indulge for a minute: Imagine a comfy couch in front of a roaring fireplace where you sit in the evening to take an aperitif or dessert and after-dinner coffee. (Your pupils are dilating, aren’t they Taurus?) Or try a long weekend wine tasting in the Sonoma Valley, California.

Taurus may love the good life, but they aren’t slackers. You work hard, dear Taurus. What’s the best antidote for work well done? Pampering. Unwind with spa treatments like facials, massages, seaweed wraps, salt scrubs, hot manicures and pedicures‹you don’t even have to travel for this kind of vacation! If you’d prefer to get away, most upscale hotels offer such services. Better yet, book yourself into a spa for a full week and give in to the experience 24/7. Most spas offer fitness activities as well, such as sports, yoga, nature walks, and nutrition sessions and more.

Try not to over-schedule your itinerary. As a Taurus, you like to have time to nose around in galleries, bookshops and boutiques. Few signs enjoy shopping as much as a Taurus, a sign that has a weakness for beautiful things.