Vacation Guide for Scorpio

Your idea of a terrific vacation is one that gives you ultimate privacy in a beautiful, soothing setting. Pluto, your ruler, gives you a strong penchant for seclusion, and the fact that you are a water sign suggests you might enjoy a cottage at a beautiful seashore far from maddening crowds. Ideal places might include Prince Edward Island, the shoreline of Maine, Newport, Rhode Island, the Hawaiian Islands, an Adirondack camp, or the Florida Keys‹all places to read, fish, kick back and work hard on not working at all.

Or, you might consider a cruise to the Greek Islands or through the Mediterranean, if not on a private yacht, then on an exclusive cruise that will cater to your every need. You would see plenty of new locations when you stop in port, and yet have the elegance of being on the glistening, calm waters. You’d likely see more than one memorable sunsets and sunrises, and you’d enjoy being under a blanket of twinkling stars at night, especially if you bring your honey along.

Your ruler, Pluto blesses you with considerable energy but it’s usually directed inward, making you competitive, intense, passionate and private. No telephone or TV where you are going? That is just fine with you. Room service, a well- stocked fridge (read: champagne and chocolates) and a portable CD player is all you’ll need. To you, a vacation is an opportunity to drop out of civilization for a little while. In your everyday life, you are so engaged in all that you do, it is no wonder you need a complete rest when you finally get away. Your idea of bliss? Blend in and drop out.

Long walks on the beach and investigative journeys by foot or car are all you need to unwind. Some Scorpios look forward to vigorous sports while away, and if that’s you, find a resort that offers a full range of options. (Hopefully that resort is positioned on a lake or at seaside.) If you do get involved with activities, dear Scorpio, it will probably be an early morning run, exploring on your bike, a game of tennis or snorkeling in the bay.

Unlike Libra, a sign that loves socializing on vacation, you hope that won’t happen! Dressing up and making small talk with casual acquaintances is not your idea of a good time. You look for depth and substance, not casual chatter. If, on the other hand, you bring your sweetheart or spouse along, or meet a dear buddy you haven’t seen in years, that’s a different story‹you would be delighted to devote your best attention to that special person. Like Virgo, as a Scorpio you are discriminating with your time.

If you are in the mood to visit a city, consider New Orleans. It would be a perfect place for you with its sexy nighttime music and interesting sites. (Catch the large and famous cemetery‹New Orleans is based below sea level, so the dead have to be “buried” above land.) Take a tour of the home of Anne Rice, author of vampire novels. You’ll love the Cajun cuisine too‹it’s hot and spicy, just like you!