Vacation Guide for Pisces

Pisces, you are an incurable romantic, so to fully enjoy your trip, try to find a place that has a touch of fairy-tale magic about it. Anything that smacks too much of real life‹traffic, ringing phones, billboards and so forth‹will dampen your spirit. Since Pisces is a water sign, an island or seashore setting could be a good choice.

Consider going to a sensual settings like Tahiti, Nantucket Island, Block Island, Niagara Falls or Montego Bay in Jamaica. Or, drive along the coast of California on Route 1 to see Big Sur, and stay overnight in Carmel‹arrive in time to see the sunset.

Look for a small hotel or vacation cottage that offers a view of the ocean‹the sound of the surf rolling in will soothe and comfort you, gentle Pisces. You tend to be more creative than athletic, you often shun strenuous sports when you go on vacation. Instead, you would probably favor swimming, sailing, rowing, snorkeling and long walks along the beach. Chartering a yacht or private boat to sightsee would likely to make a hit.

Your love of costume and fantasy might make a trip to New Orleans at Mardi Gras great fun. (Be careful however‹if things get too loud or boisterous, the Fish will quiver.) Revel in the canals of Venice, Italy, certainly a city that can provide you with all the sense of mystery, beauty, art and adventure.

Don’t forget to take a camera or camcorder on your vacation. Your ruler, Neptune, rules photography and often bestows considerable visual talent to Pisces natives. Not only will you enjoy looking at all the shots you took, some of them are likely to be outstandingly special‹suitable for framing.

Your sign also rules the feet, so you might also enjoy having a chance to dance, particularly to slow tropical love songs! (Caribbean moonlight, anyone? Reggae music is irresistible!)

Also, you might consider a romantic cruise for your next trip. There is the three- day “trip to nowhere”, or a cruise to Alaska where you would see all kinds of exciting wildlife and glacier splendors. Are you more in the mood for sun? Sail off to the Western Caribbean, and take in some of the fascinating, old landmarks of Mexico. If money is no object, take an elegant transatlantic sail to the Mediterranean or the Greek Islands on a cruise line that also boasts a pampering spa.

Neptune, ruling the mist and all bodies of water, teaches you to avoid structure and to prefer a more open type of vacation. In other words, you don’t like to be confined, so design your trip with room for spontaneity and change. If you find something that interests you, you’ll want to be able to linger and delve more deeply into the place.

Your sign is considered the most spiritual of all the signs, so some Pisces would love a visit to a new age retreat where they can meditate, exercise and enjoy nature in a serene setting. Or, consider a visit to a spiritual landmark, such as Lourdes, the Vatican or other historical religious sites.

Lastly, your rich imagination might also enjoy a visit to Hollywood‹a tour or the film sets, seeing the special effects on the Universal Studio tour sounds like fun! Leaning how “Tinsel Town” spins illusions in the movies could prove fascinating to such a creative sign!