Vacation Guide for Cancer

Dear Cancer, you are a romantic water sign, and you are usually happiest when you vacation near water. A few ideal destinations for you in America might include Cape Cod, Cape May, Lake Tahoe, Malibu Beach, Palm Beach, Miami Beach, The Finger Lakes or Lake George.

Or, consider a vacation on the pretty island of St. John’s, or to countries such as Mexico, Amsterdam (with its charming canals) or the beautiful Lake Como, Switzerland. For an even more exotic adventure, think about going to a place like Tahiti or Bali.

Your sign rules the study of ancestral roots, so you might enjoy a visit to the country and city where your grandparents were born and grew up. A visit New York City and its immigration museum on Ellis Island would also be fascinating for you. If you go, take a moment to see if there is a computer record of your ancestors’ names.

You are also a spiritual being, dear Cancer. Make your vacation a pilgrimage all its own to a holy place, such Rome, Nazareth, Tibet, Mecca, Jerusalem or Bethlehem. Alternatively, you might enjoy a spiritual retreat at a monastery, cloister or ashram.

Cancers do cherish privacy. Big, commercial hotels aren’t your style. Book a stay at a small inn, bed and breakfast, private cottage or bungalow. If you have a kitchen, buy local vegetables and spices so that you can try your hand at regional specialties‹Cancers often make great chefs. The more you feel at home while you’re away, the better. If you must travel to a big hotel, bring accessories that make the room feel more personal‹framed photos of the one you love, a fragrant aroma-therapy candle or your favorite pillow.

Your sign rules the family, and you like to celebrate holidays and events. Why not create a trip around a special family occasion, such as a graduation, engagement or wedding? If a long vacation makes you homesick, aim for shorter one and go away more frequently. The moon rules your sign, so generally, it is best to plan your departure around a new moon, symbolizing a fresh start, and return near the full moon, representing closure. This will keep you in better sync with your natural inner rhythms and the universe.

As a frugal-minded Cancer, you don’t like to have to pay a penny more than necessary on vacation. You will always be willing to do the research it takes to find great bargain travel packages on airfare and lodging.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring your camera. You are a sentimental soul, dear Cancer. You love to look back with pictures of your trip with fondness, even if it rained every day! When you are on a vacation, you always put more emphasis on the people you are with rather than the places you visit. You can be happy anywhere. In that respect, dear Cancer, you could teach us all a thing or two!