Virgo: Get Organized and Mobilized

Your biggest talents are masterminding organizations that would overwhelm anyone else and concentrating no matter what distractions come your way. Highly goal-oriented, few things will deter you from finishing what you’ve started–you are no quitter. Still, be sure the things you devote yourself to are worthy of your hard work. You may get so involved in detail that you miss the long view of things. Step back now and then and reassess your assumptions. See if you can delegate some of your work. This is often hard for Virgo to do, but you will free up lots of time, as well as off-load some daily pressure! Simply because you are able to stand a great deal of tension doesn’t mean you ought to live with it!

When stress strikes, Virgo feels a need to be in control of their overall physical environment. You’ll want to burrow inside yourself to brainstorm, weigh the options, and plot your course (Virgo is nothing if not analytical). A worrier sign like Cancer, Virgo can often chew on problems too long and too much. But, unlike Cancer who will rely on intuition, earth-sign Virgo prefers to rely on logic and practical solutions. You’ll go to extreme lengths to be thorough, investing considerable time studying your problem, and leaving no stone unturned. Both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury, and therefore highly communicative and intelligent. Gemini will ask questions of people around them to get an empirical feel of the situation and to assemble their plan of action. Virgo prefers to rely on documented studies and facts. Virgo is more pragmatic than Gemini but less flexible.

While your nerves are on edge, you may want to stay indoors more, working on projects that need attending. Your very best course of action is to clean out the closets, files, and rid yourself of niggling old paperwork. It could be a beautiful day outside, and your friends and family will scream for you to leave the house, but you know better. Get the physical environment under control and you’ll feel enormously better. Organizing is therapy of the highest order to you. Your environment (and the contents of your handbag too) is always an accurate reflection of your inner state of mind. Toss out old junk, outdated records and clothing, reorganize your possessions, get new boxes to store things. You need to feel productive, and you like being physical (lifting boxes, filing, reaching, and so forth) as you think. Just the picture of your organized living and working space makes you breathe easier!

The lower stomach (intestines) are ruled by Virgo and receive the most tension when you are anxious. Since your sign will find digestion difficult when under stress, eat lightly. Unlike Cancer who will crave childhood foods, you will want to eat more leafy green vegetables and fruits, and perhaps even decide to be a vegetarian, at least for a while. A diet light in fats, which are hard for your body to break down, would be best when you are tense.

Keep a journal, write your thoughts down on paper. Like Gemini, which is co-ruled by Mercury, you can use your distress to create a moving literary effort, whether it be a short story, novel, hard-hitting documentary, or a poem. Virgo is very precise and your sign produces excellent writers.

Using your hands (another part of the body your ruler Mercury rules) in a variety of hobbies will relax and soothe you. Sewing, sketching, piano playing, or anything else which uses your fine motor skills would be a restorative activity now. While you work, you’ll be able to think more clearly.

Crossword or jigsaw puzzles might appeal to you too, since Virgo is a sign that enjoys mental challenges. Try board games such as Monopoly, Scruples (moral or ethical battles fascinate you), Scrabble or complex card games like bridge, poker, or pinochle, to distract you–never an easy task for diligent, conscientious Virgo! Finally, your sign rules small animals and most Virgos make loving pet owners. If you have a pet, play with them. This could be the time to adopt a new puppy or kitten.

As a Virgo, luckily you are the sole mutable sign of the four earth signs, and therefore the most adaptable, versatile and best able to weather change. Throw away your worry beads Virgo! Ditch that work-first attitude for now, and relax. Better days are in store!