Leo: Kick Up Your Heels

When Leo is blue, they should be with friends, not shut up in isolation. Fire sign Leo burns brightly in the company of others. A ticket to a play would refresh you, or a walk through a museum. Go dancing at a club. Treat yourself to a good meal at a restaurant (make it an elegant, well-reviewed place–Leo is depressed by shabby surroundings). Eating out always cheers up a Leo. While you’re down or worried, wear something new, clothing that is well designed in a becoming color. The complements you receive will surely give you a lift! Since you are a bit competitive, stay away from those people who make you feel deficient in any way, whether in looks, status, or achievement.

Leo is a gregarious, big-hearted sign which needs plenty of affection. Don’t discount this now! The more love and support you feel from your significant other and from friends, the faster you will recover from whatever has rocked you. Leo is a larger-than-life, dramatic sign but you could be prone to over-dramatizing your plight. If so, you could be unnecessarily increasing your panic level. Take a moment to ask yourself. Find out!

Sometimes you are a contradiction unto yourself. While your fire element loves action, your fixed nature tends to stop you from instituting the innovative steps you should take. As a Leo, you loathe being told what to do, even when it’s excellent and well-meaning advice, criticism or points you may have overlooked. Be careful of the Not-Invented-Here mindset. What does that mean? When those around you urge you to consider a certain point, if you usually say to yourself “Hell, if I didn’t come up with that idea, it couldn’t possibly be any good…” and wave it off automatically, that’s a bad sign!

In the meantime, plan a brunch so that everyone special in your life can surround you. Bask in the good feelings your friends provide and listen to their words of advice. Be sure to order in food–don’t cook. Leo doesn’t like to fuss. Or make it a supper where everyone brings their specialty and you provide the beverages.

If you can travel to someplace warm, so much the better–Leo is ruled by the Sun, and rarely happy in cold or rainy weather. While bronzing on a beautiful beach, new solutions will come to you. No cash? Warmth may still be only a step away. Get to a health club and relax in a steamy sauna, step into a warm Jacuzzi, or swim in a heated Olympic-sized pool.

If you’ve got a good stereo system, use it now, for like Taurus, Libra, and Pisces, your sign is highly sensitive to music. Put on your earphones and turn up the volume. Bond with your music. Drink it in. Later, take a walk over to the music store and stock up on a few new CDs you’ve wanted to buy. Stereo on the fritz? Buy a ticket to a concert. Or see a dazzling opera, even if you have to be in the standing room section. Leo adores rich spectacle. The point is that you should find ways to pamper yourself. Remind yourself that you are king of the jungle.

Generally, Leo isn’t very sports-oriented, unless it is a social sport like tennis. Solitary sports don’t interest you. Your sign rules the heart, so your circulation could suffer in times of anxiety. You may find yourself cold, and huddled under blankets. Taking an aerobics class to fine-tune your circulatory system would be a great idea, and at the gym you are likely to run into people you know–all the better!

Leo tends to be more creative than physical, for your sign needs regular expression of feelings. Try your hand at writing a screenplay, short story or learn to paint. A fabulous idea would be to join an amateur theater club–you may discover you have real talent! Any emotion you are feeling now can be poured into your role. Leos make the best actors of all the signs, for the sign rules the natural 5th house.

The 5th house also rules children, so get out of your self-absorption (one of Leo’s pitfalls) and do something for a children’s charity, perhaps by volunteering for children’s literacy, or if you have your own children, doing something special for them. Kids are as important to Leo as they are to Cancer. Children keep you smiling, refreshed, and distracted long enough to let you unwind.

Finally, remember that confidence is the key to your personality, and if it is shaken, you won’t be able to move forward as smoothly as you might wish. Being a fixed sign, change is hard for you to adjust to, at least initially. Surround yourself with only your most supportive friends. Reminisce over your biggest victories. Find the common thread in all your successes, no matter how small, to discover your personal formula for success. Keeping your faith in yourself and feeling pride in your accomplishments is the single most important factor in turning around your situation. Continue to reward yourself with small treats as you take steps which are hard for your fixed nature to do. You’ll be well on the way to your old jovial self–and holding court!