Aquarius: Connect, Mix, Exchange Ideas

People around you rarely sense when you’re anxious, so deftly do you hide your feelings. You feel the same stress everyone else does, you are just are better at covering it up! Highly objective in your approach to life, you succeed at not becoming overly-emotional about things. Sometimes, however, you could be kidding yourself that whatever is going on is “no big deal” to you. Aquarius is a sign who must get in touch with her feelings–or else feel the fall-out much later.

Aquarius is an air sign, so meeting up with a few friends for a couple of beers could really do wonders for your outlook, especially if you’ve had your nose to the grindstone. Aquarius is a democratic, unpretentious sign, so an informal, friendly pub or new micro-brewery would be just your style. (If you don’t like beer, ordering anything else would be fine–it’s being out with the gang that cheers you, not necessarily the beer.)

A fixed sign, you tend to bore though your projects with the intensity of a laser beam, so scheduling time to lighten up would be good for you. You could also give a get-together and invite everyone to a come-as-you-are party (Aquarius is very spontaneous–they hate formality). Air signs need to relate to others and hear a variety of opinions. They use their friends as sounding boards for their abundant ideas. In the end, however, Aquarius follows no one but themselves. Highly independent, you make up your own mind when it’s all said and done. Your only pitfall is being so intent on mixing and socializing that you could loose yourself in partying and forget that you need to take a stand. Your fixed nature means making changes is hard for you, even though your sign rules the future.

When you are most stressed out, one-to-one close relationships, such as with your spouse or lover, may get claustrophobic. Try to reassure your sweetie that you still love them but you need time alone or with your friends. Aquarius has a habit of acting aloof, completely tuning out and not taking time to explain what is going on, which only creates confusion in a relationship. Your lover or mate may think that THEY are the problem, when that could not be further from the truth. Aquarius is a sign which is highly charismatic and they easily become the leader of their group. But being directed out to the world, they often forget about those closest to them. (One Aquarius is president of his labor union and travels frequently in an effort to improve worldwide working conditions for his members–which he does accomplish–but never sees his kids.) Keep the balance of your home life and you will feel better overall.

Your ruler, Uranus, is the planet of change and creativity. Your key to success is to allow random ideas into your frame of reference. Therefore, see a psychic or have your horoscope read. Astrology and the occult sciences are ruled by Aquarius, and the most talented astrologers have the sign prominent somewhere in their charts. (Your Astrologer has Aquarius on the midheaven–the tip top, destiny point of her chart–in case you are wondering.) Even if you don’t agree with your him, during the process of being read, your reader will touch on various parts of your life, giving you a bird’s eye view, perhaps causing you to consider new options, perhaps propelling you in new productive directions. Creative people are among the most likely to consider astrology or psychic readings to get themselves out of old patterns and ruts.

Do pro-bono work. Aquarians usually hold strong views and they like to do good. Getting out of yourself is always improves objectivity. Aquarians love politics too, and they debate issues intelligently and rationally. If so inclined, volunteer for your favorite political candidate. If one particular issue in your life troubles you, consider joining a special interest support group in order to hash things out. (Aquarius rules groups, so it is nearly always a helpful thing for you to do).

Finally, you love new technology, so why not indulge a little? Head down to your electronics store, even if you’re broke. (You can still dream.) Check out the latest stereo systems, try out newest camcorders, watch the high-definition televisions. Or pull out that computer catalog and order that software or CD ROM you’ve been craving. Surf the net, check out one of the new virtual reality chat rooms. Make an online pal. Look at the listings in Wired and find a computer trade show to attend. Lose yourself at the planetarium or join a cyber/computer group where you can meet professionals or enthusiasts on your level. What’s life without a little electricity, Aquarius?