The Cancer Man: June 21 – July 22

A family man at heart, your Cancer loves children, roots, and sees home as a haven. When traveling he is prone to get homesick, even in this day and age. A water sign, Cancer is highly emotional and sympathetic. He can be moody. The changing moods of Cancers are one of their greatest charms, and as mutable as the natural landscape. If is raining, you still know the sun will be out soon. Although they are worriers, they have kind and giving temperaments. Cancers also have excellent memories, so anything special that you do for him won’t be forgotten.

Your Challenge

If he is divorced with children, you may have to work hard to be as important to him as his kids. To Cancer, blood is thicker than water, and you may not have first place in the pecking order. If you are married to a Cancer, he can easily get caught up with family and chores and forget that he is a red-blooded male with sexual needs. It is hard for him to remember romance when he is up on the roof, hammering shingles, so it’s up to you to proposition your handyman with an alternative, naughty use for his duct tape.

How To Handle Him

If he is a single dad, see the sexy side of his role as father. Knowing what he’s like when he interacts with his kids heightens, by contrast, the intimacy he shares with you.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

Cancer is the only sign that will customarily make a trip to the grocery store to get ready for a big date (even if you are married, you can still have a “big date”). You’ll find him filling up his cart with exotic fruits (mangoes, strawberries) and at the dairy case (whipped cream), among other areas. Making love in the kitchen always ignites his deepest fantasies, so by all means surrender amid the salad makings. He may want to cook and eat together first. As one Cancer man who is very dear to me has whispered more than once: “Cooking isn’t about cooking–it’s pure sex!” And the person who said “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” was obviously referring to a Cancer.

Spilling wine over your breasts and letting him watch as you slowly lick it off will excite him, something which could occur around dessert. Cancer rules the breasts (every astrological sign rules a different part of the body), so don’t wear your high-necked blouse on the night you want to start a private little nuclear reaction. This is man who admires some cleavage and will make you glad you have dþcolletage to display!

If you want to present him a token of your love, frame a new black & white portrait of you in a pure silver frame for his desk. (Cancer rules silver–plus memories and loved ones are also under this sign’s domain.)

One Last Idea

If you want some private time with your Cancer man outside of home, seduce him near water (Cancer is a water sign), perhaps on a deserted beach or on a private yacht. Just about every Cancer I have known needs to be near water to feel completely relaxed and ready for love. Kidnap your beloved and whisk him off to the shore, and be sure to pack a basket of goodies and don your little red riding hood cape–with little or nothing on underneath!