The Aquarius Man: January 20 – February 18

The most striking quality in the Aquarius man is fierce independence and creativity. He may also have a scientific bent. Aquarians never care about what has been done in the past because they are totally focused on the future. Your Aquarius lover may also be concerned with humanitarian issues and feel moved to do something about a environmental imbalance or social injustice. Natural and charismatic leaders, most of our presidents have been Aquarians (President Ronald Reagan is one). They usually have many friends, although only few can get into their inner circle.

Your Challenge
Friendship is so important to him that you may feel his pals are more important to him than you are. This isn’t the case, but can be hard to cope with at times. Loving an Aquarius is often frustrating because they often act aloof and hard to catch. But as the French say, the one who suffers greatest loves the most. You’ll need to position yourself inside his circle, and not be on the outside looking in.

How To Handle Them
In love and marriage, the Aquarius male will need to retain his sense of individuality and freedom. The wise woman in love with an Aquarius will not hem him in. Inside the Aquarius there is often a struggle between wanting to live alone but still craving love and nurturing (a side kept well hidden). This duality could drive you crazy at times, but it is best to ignore it. When they become angry, they will act distant rather than rant and rave, so try to draw him out, and get him used to sharing his innermost thoughts. When there’s a disagreement, reason with him intellectually rather than emotionally; this guy is analytical.

Things to do, gifts to buy
Nothing makes an Aquarius happier than talking about electronics or the internet. They are ruled by Uranus, the planet of the future. He will spend his entire day on the computer, and his only fears are frying his CPU or a power outage. Tell him your VCR needs setting, that your computer fonts are screwed up, or that you haven’t configured your new e-mail software yet. Be a damsel in electronic distress. Over fiberoptic cables and phone modems you can find true love.

Be sure to send him frequent e-mail to show him you are thinking about him. Meet at one of the new chat rooms, like The Palace or V-Chat, especially if you know one another well, and assume various avatars and speak to one another in a predetermined code language. Attend computer user meetings together, catch the newest 3D flick (complete with 3D glasses) or play a virtual reality game. Meet at a cyber cafe for coffee and surfing a deux. Is all this getting a little too wired for you? Aquarius also likes a good off-line party, so find out where one is happening and bring him along, or throw your own bash.

Don’t only rely on e-mail to reach your Aquarius, but also leave steamy love notes on his office answering machine (if it’s private), or call him on his car phone early in the day and make a “date” for one another that evening. Say something memorable and get him all worked up. But remember that for an Aquarius to fall deeply in love, they first have to be friends (this sign rules friendship). Don’t rush him, or think you aren’t making “progress” fast enough.

He likes you wearing something current, short and sexy in a man-made fiber, so greet him tonight wearing nothing but Saran Wrap. For going out, you might choose something in shiny stretch vinyl. Sexually, Aquarius is lots of fun because he is so spontaneous and experimental. He might visit a sexual aid shop and come home with a bag of little toys for you both to enjoy. A sense of playfulness is essential with Aquarius and you’ll have to lighten up a bit to stay popular with him.